At Marin Preparatory School, second graders create high-quality finished products while building on the skills and confidence they gained in first grade. Here, children begin to work on open-ended assignments (writing about a topic in their own words, investigating a curiosity in science, etc.), follow clear steps of a plan, and start to recognize the importance of process as well as end product. Also in second grade, hands-on learning is taken to a higher level, with children becoming able to listen and focus with increased attention.

Our 2nd Grade Curriculum Spotlights

2nd Grade Reading Activities & Apps


  • Lucy Calkins Reader’s Workshop
  • Story structure and dictionary use
  • Character & story development
  • Who, what, where, when, why, how
  • Suffixes and prefixes
  • Peer listening & classroom discussions
2nd Grade Writing Lessons & Curriculum


  • Fundations Language Arts program
  • Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop: draft, revising, editing, publishing
  • Opinions about literature
  • Narratives including sequence of events and action/thoughts/feeling descriptions
  • Sentence structure
2nd Grade Math Curriculum


  • Bridges Math curriculum
  • Inverse relationships in addition & subtraction
  • Base 10 operations
  • Time measurement
  • Money measurement
  • Word problem solving
2nd Grade Science Curriculum


  • Physical science: energy, gravity, electricity
  • Life cycle of plants and animals
  • Earth science: rocks, fossils, habitats, geologic time
  • Investigation and experimentation
2nd Grade Social Studies & History Lessons

Social Studies

  • Forms and roles of governments
  • Notable historical figures
  • America past & present
  • Basic economics
  • Study of Argentina

2nd Grade Spanish Infusion

2nd Grade Spanish Classes

In 2nd grade, students build upon the basic language foundation they gained in kindergarten and first grade. This stage aims to develop such fundamental skills as: listening comprehension, oral expression, as well as reading and writing development. Such skills are fostered through a language- and culture-rich environment that includes singing, playing games, storytelling, poetry, art, and other multi-sensory experiences, and an environment that addresses young learners’ educational development as well as their emotional needs.

By the end of 2nd grade, students will have acquired basic, age-appropriate knowledge of Spanish and reached similarly appropriate developmental milestones in their English language skills. Students will be able to:

  • Address specific elements of school, classrooms, schedules, subjects, numbers, time, directions, and everyday objects.
  • Use the alphabet and phonology to create and understand words, phrases, and complete sentences in meaningful contexts.
  • Use the target language in predictable and familiar contexts such as greetings and introductions, feelings, descriptions, and expressing everyday needs.
  • Understand and engage in basic day-to-day conversations related to telling time as well as describing elements including: routines, people, activities, likes, dislikes, home, community, popular celebrations, the weather, countries, nationalities, clothing, seasons, food, drinks, tastes, games, toys, the environment, and common celebrations.

2nd Grade Enrichments


2nd Grade Art Class

MPS second graders have the opportunity to build on their art skills with a variety of techniques and art materials. At this stage, they begin to see how warm and cool colors can evoke emotions, and they discover techniques for creating depth, overlap, and proportion in two-dimensional artwork. They also explore art in culture, most notably the art of Argentina.


Music & Performing Arts

2nd Grade Music & Drama Class

In 2nd grade, MPS students are encouraged to increase and expand their musical knowledge. Experiences include an increased repertoire of songs, dances, and musical games, works that are of greater length and intricacy, and increased attention to musicality and in-tune singing. Second graders are now eligible to join the MPS Chorus, where they can gain experience with part-work and vocal development; they can also take part in small skits and plays in which they  gain greater confidence in performing.


Physical Education

2nd Grade PE Class & Karate

To support the strong link between physical education and learning, MPS second graders are encouraged to explore movement and develop gross motor skills. By offering a series of well-considered and developmentally appropriate activities, MPS helps children gain confidence in their athletic abilities, and promotes a “can-do” attitude that supports fun and learning for all.