Fundraising makes our programs possible. As at all independent schools, Marin Preparatory School relies on contributions to advance its programs and depends on the combined efforts of dedicated parent volunteers, corporate partners, friends, faculty, and staff to achieve its goals.

Each academic year, contributions to the school are budgeted and raised through our Annual Fund. These funds enhance the educational experience for our students by allowing us to purchase equipment, increase financial aid for students, and provide enrichment activities and experiences as they become available.

Equally important, development supports both our financial and educational goals. MPS students are taught to give back and help others, and they learn quickly that doing so brings joy both to the giver and to those who receive. Parents’ philanthropy, whether through time, talent, or treasure, supports this lesson in the most meaningful way – through role modeling. And studies have shown that children whose parents participate in school have a much more enriched elementary experience.

What Can You Do?

There are many ways to support Marin Prep as a volunteer – on a committee, in the classroom, and in our annual drives.

Please speak to Head of School Señor Jeff to learn about the numerous committees and classroom opportunities you can take part in. Your time, energy and talents are all highly valued.

We thank you for your support.

Fundraising at Marin Preparatory School in San Francisco