MPS Mission Statement


Marin Preparatory School students live the true meaning of comunidad: In Spanish and English, students connect with our school community, appreciate the world’s diversity, and embrace their love of learning to become curious people, ready to make an impact.

MPS Educational Philosophy

From the heart of San Francisco, our unique academic program prepares students to be K.I.N.D. citizens.

KNOWLEDGE: Across our Spanish and English curriculum, we provide students with skills and knowledge that tap their creativity and critical minds so they can pursue questions, tackle problems and develop into globally aware, flexible thinkers. The acquisition of a second language strengthens their cognitive development and supports their life-long success in learning.

IMPACT:  From random acts of kindness to global concerns, our students participate. With a solid sense of integrity and respect for multiple perspectives, our students learn to make a positive impact in their community and beyond.

NOURISH: MPS nourishes students’ bodies, hearts, and minds. Knowing that their voices matter, our students thrive socially, emotionally, and academically as they grow confidently into their authentic selves.

DISCOVERY: Our students learn by doing. Experiential projects fuel students’ curiosity as they gain tools to explore comprehensive academics and discover the vast world beyond the classroom walls — this is how learning comes to life.


Educational Approach

Our rigorous academic program is a balance of traditional and progressive approaches. Through a curriculum that pairs project-based learning with 21st Century skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity), children delve deeply into subjects, see connections to the real world, and broaden their perspectives. Additionally, our Spanish-infused program ensures Spanish proficiency, global awareness, and appreciation for Spanish-speaking countries. We practice Mindfulness and incorporate Responsive Classroom in our daily lives at school, and center our program on the knowledge that a strong social/emotional component serves children well throughout their elementary school years and beyond.

Marin Preparatory School Mission & Curriculum in San Francisco