The Responsive Classroom: How Marin Preparatory Practices and Teaches Mindfulness

To teach Mindfulness you have to practice Mindfulness. So for our educators at MPS we begin with ourselves. Our teachers are encouraged to practice mindful activities during the workweek. Several times a week our Mindfulness coordinator, Erin Maillo invites colleagues to come to her room at the end of the school day for a few […]

What is Classroom Management? Strategies for Successful Behavior Management in School

In the early grades at MPS we use a variety of strategies to assist children in making wise choices as they navigate their days at school. Every year, children help set up classroom rules with the guidance of the teacher to reflect an atmosphere where learning can take place. It’s always fun to watch, particularly […]

What is Singapore Math and How is it Taught at Marin Preparatory?

Why Singapore Math? Singapore Math, our new math program at MPS is an exciting, proven system of teaching math in grades K through 6. Originally developed in the 1980’s in Singapore, the program has consistently placed Singapore’s students in the top ranking of student math achievement on a test called the Trends in International Mathematics […]

How Marin Prep Fosters Collaborative Learning

Collaboration in Our Schools and Beyond I have been thinking recently that if I had to choose the number one 21st Century Skill that schools should focus on, I would most likely land on “collaboration.” Looking at the world and the substantial areas of conflict throughout the political landscape and even to our national governments’ […]

Setting Boundaries with Your Kids and Being Consistent

At a recent Heads of School meeting, several Heads were talking about what were the “hot” issues they were facing in their school communities. One topic that received a fair amount of attention was how teachers and parents set boundaries for the children and how often there appears to be a disconnect between home and […]

What is 21st Century Learning and Why Is It Important?

As our world recognizes increased globalization, 21st century learning refers to the skills and technologies that will position our students to succeed in a world that ever increasingly requires collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability, grit, perseverance and relies less on the learning of facts and data. The how and why of learning becomes central and is […]

The Annual Fund: How the Community Can Support Fundraising Efforts at Marin Preparatory

What is the Annual Fund? Marin Preparatory School, like all other Independent Schools asks families to participate in the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the most important fund raising effort at MPS each year. From the school’s founding six years ago, MPS has relied on the generous nature of our parents by volunteering their […]

The Importance of Providing Volunteer Opportunities to Kids

During the holiday season we are often overwhelmed with the sense of abundance that is portrayed in the media. The holiday ornaments go up in department stores sometimes even before the Thanksgiving turkey is cold. Nearly every commercial in print or on television works to get children fired up about a new toy or video […]

Mindfulness for Kids: Teaching Mindful Learning at Marin Preparatory

There are several definitions of mindfulness and I have selected three that for me seem to paint a full picture of this practice. Dr. Patrizia Collard, a noted mindfulness teacher, psychotherapist, author and lecturer at the University of East London defines mindfulness as “being aware of or bringing attention to this moment in time, deliberately […]

What Is Project Based Learning and What Are Some Examples?

Marin Preparatory School blends traditional and progressive education to engage and excite children as they make their way from kindergarten to 8th grade.  At the core of good teaching is the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learning styles within a typical classroom. Project Based Learning (PBL) is […]

What Are the Homework Guidelines and Expectations at Marin Preparatory School?

During the 2013-14 academic school year, MPS faculty carefully looked at current research about homework; based on that research and lively discussion, they’ve developed the following guidelines for homework: We believe that there is a place for homework in an elementary school. Meaningful homework serves several purposes. It can support learning, establish routine, provide extra […]

Technology in Schools, Teacher Mentorship, and Project-Based Learning: A Recap of the 2014 National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) Conference

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the annual National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) conference, this year held in Orlando. The theme was, Dare to Explore and Discover. Each session presented was in some way linked to the idea of us becoming daring explorers who seek to discover new and better ways of “achieving […]

21st Century Learning Styles: Standardized Testing vs. Personalized Assessments

It is a fact of life in schools that we need to measure student performance. It is equally a fact of life that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to evaluation models. Progressive education understands and supports that all children learn through different means. One child may receive information by carefully listening […]

What Is Responsive Classroom Theory and How Does it Incorporate Social Emotional Learning?

Social and emotional learning is part of a well-balanced elementary school curriculum. It is not an “add on,” but rather a vital and integrated teaching and modeling approach, fostering a safe learning environment that helps to increase students’ academic achievement. There is a strong relationship between the academic skills needed to be 21st century learners, […]

Community Involvement at Marin Preparatory School

One of my first memories of visiting Marin Preparatory School was attending the Comunidad celebration that occurs now most Mondays and Fridays. It took place several years ago. I was an invited guest and this was the first stop on a tour of the school and the number of attendees was far smaller than the […]